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"You don't have to spend big money on products in order to have healthy, glowing skin. "
8 Health Secrets To Flawless Skin
Beauty Room - September 24, 2019
"Be A Real Pro "
Using Highlighters To Get Fuller Lips
Beauty Room - September 24, 2019
Sonia OBrien
Claire Noir Beauty is founded by CEO Sonia Claire O'Brien, with a mission of making every woman feel beautiful. "From the beginning of time women have always gotten the bad end of the stick. We've gained ground over the years, but total equality is still afar off. In the world, with what we put up with, every woman should look and feel beautiful. Our commitment to women has been never forgetting why we do - what we do; which is providing good products that help us look and feel beautiful, every day," says Sonia. 100% family owned, the company's lightening growth from products such as Chili Red Lipstick® and their fabulous lip strobes is attributed to their cult following #beautyroom sharing the love. Claire Noir Beauty is proud to usher in a new era in beauty with vegan, cruelty and harmful free products, authenticity and a whole lot of feeling the love. ;)
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