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Claire Noir Launches Beauty Collection this Spring

April 05, 2019

Claire Noir Beauty is proud to announce the arrival of its first full range lip strobe collection. The launch will kick off online and in selected locations this spring, with an assortment of lip products as well as lip liner, lip scrubs and matte liquid lipsticks. Cruelty free and vegan is at the heart of the range, with an ever-evolving makeup selection that focuses on fashionable looks, ideas and colors. The products will be available in stores worldwide and online at 

The launch comes at a time when makeup is more important than ever as an expression of personal style, whether the look is natural, classic or fashion-forward. There will be new, dedicated beauty areas within the stores to help customers experiment with trends and develop a look that's all their own.

"We are very excited to offer 'Forward fashion lip glam at Claire Noir Beauty.  It's an opportunity to be inventive and creative, and to have fun with colors," says Sonia OBrien, a partner at Claire Noir Beauty.

3 beautifully packaged makeup products will be introduced this spring followed by a full range of new and limited-edition primer, mascaras and eyeshadow/shimmer collections.  

The range, which will be available at introductory discounts for a limited-time only.  A premium beauty line and a conscious assortment of Ecco-friendly sustainable products are here for conscious minded consumers daily. 



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