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Being Instagrammable - At All Times

Sonia OBrien

Posted on February 21 2019

Being Instagrammable - At All Times

With the rise of the Kardashian/Jenner clan on social media our perception of beauty has changed. No longer do we look to just Tv, movies and print magazines to define how a beautiful man or women should look. One recent study conducted by Dove revealed that more than ever before, women are looking to people like themselves for beauty inspiration—or more specifically, to the women they see while scrolling through social media.  

With the onset of a good economy, consumers, mostly women, are on a journey of self-discovery and with that the world of beauty. They are enjoying new products and finding new brands through social media. This is part of a larger generational shift of younger men and women rejecting the large brands their parents preferred and seeking out local-made, artisanal, natural products from small brands that feel care about them.  

Small, independent brands support a surge in creative imagination.  It appears as though every day there is a new brand with a new idea how precisely we can  become or remain beautiful.  Entrepreneurship is boiling in the beauty industry. These young brands like the majors are the new bread and butter for social media influencers, who are paid $272 upwards to $500,000 per post depending on how big their celebrity and amount of followers.  

We all want to look like the social media influencers who show us how to look like Kylie and Kendall Jenner.  We want their perfect lives and to learn how to mimick their every move.  In case you missed just how popular social media influencers have become, take a look the staggering numbers reported in a recent study.

Understandably, brands are lining up to be associated with popular social media personas. As a matter of fact, this high demand created a whole industry of its own, with intermediary agencies popping up left and right to serve as matchmakers between companies and their desired influencers. We are unindated with new beauty products from all soughts of social media influencers so much so that the need to be Instagrammable at all times is playing a major role in the drive to look more beautiful everyday.  It's a look that says "I'm Young, I'm Beautiful, and I'm Instagrammable."  

There are Four "Instagrammable" trends circling online. 

  • The Instant Fix: This alludes to the deep rooted want for instant gratification, concentrated on the skincare portion. Items that enable a buyer to see prompt improvement in bags or lines or lighting up are regularly in this class. 
  • The Doll Look: Using heavy cosmetics or medical procedure to make a look is more porcelain-like, smooth and impeccable. It doesn't seek to be natural looking — it's about faultlessness and it's taken profound root in the cosmetics and hair companies. 
    • Natural Skin Care: The skin class continues to explode with more natural, clean and even food-standard products. There is a thing that skin and mind are linked and there's a connection between skin care and wellness. It’s the opposite direction from where cosmetics is going.
    • Customization and Personalization: Using data and customer survey's to create products for a universe of one is a new form of extravagance.

     The checklist below are the essential practices that should be in your daily Instagammable beauty routine

    • Drink water. Water does wonders for your skin.
    • Skip the morning face wash. 
    • Exfoliate once per week.
    • Moisturize, nightly
    • Apply sunscreen, when necessary.
    • Wash your face before bed.
    • Wear Makeup, but not cheap makeup. It hurts your skin in the long term. 

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