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Black Girl Magic Beauty Tips

Sonia OBrien

Posted on January 20 2020

Black Girl Magic Beauty Tips



Today, I want to share with you a few beauty tips for Black Women that tried and kitchen tested, plus African beauty experts - recommend.  Techniques that our ancestors have created and perfected in beauty and makeup that over time has in part given rise to what today we call Black Girl Magic.  

Beauty tips that were created out of ingenuity, born of struggle, it was this same mind that showed our people how to make a dollar out of 15 cents.  Yes, out of grandma's kitchen came the beauty secrets that don't cost much, but somehow kept us looking healthy and beautiful for years.  In his spirit,  here are some reminders of beauty tips that helped give black girls magic.  

Beauty Tips That Make Black Women Slay 

1. No Sugar  

Eliminating sugar in the diet helps promote a cleaner immune system, and promotes healthy skin.  When you ingest sugar or other high-glycemic foods that rapidly convert to sugar such as donuts or fruit - your body breaks down these carbohydrates into glucose, which raises your insulin levels. Simple carbohydrates, like refined sugar, white bread and soda, cause your insulin levels to  a high inflammation throughout the body. 

Essentially what happens is that sugar attaches itself to any protein in the body and produces harmful molecules called ‘advanced glycation end products’.  It's inflammation and it reduces the effectiveness of elastin and collagen, proteins in the skin that help maintain its youthful appearance and beauty. 

2. Positive self-talk 

If you thought self-talk wasn't a beauty secret - you're wrong.  Perhaps, it's the biggest secret of all.  Positive self-talk creates a willingness to do better, thus helping you to start seeing positive changes in your health and beauty, and also in how you feel about yourself. 

A positive mental attitude also builds confidence which nurtures inside beauty. The more confident you are, the happier with yourself - you'll be, all the while developing more self-worth. 

3. Exfoliate

Exfoliating your dark skin is the process of removing dead cells from the outer layer of your skin using an which could either be a chemical and physical   Your skin is constantly repairing and replacing Because of this, you can be left with layers upon layers of dead skin all over your body. Exfoliating helps rid your body of these leftover dead skin cells, revealing healthier, brighter skin immediately after. 

A gentle touch with a mild exfoliant, will help remove dead skin cell build up and reveal the natural beauty of your skin.

4. Don’t Forget Sunscreen

One of the misconceptions of African- is - they don't believe they need to use sunscreen.  Although dark skin does offer more natural protection from the sun's harmful UV rays than light skin, no one is immune to the damage (skin cancer and aging) caused by the sun.   

“Dark skin does have built-in SPF,” says Amy Wechsler, M.D., a dermatologist based in New York City and assistant clinical professor of dermatology, SUNY Downstate Medical College. 

Skin cancer and aging lines don’t discriminate. All skin tones are at risk of being dried out, aged and burnt by the sun. Sunscreen should be worn daily, no matter your location — indoors and outdoors. For everyday wear, sunscreen should be applied to the face, as well as other areas of the body. For the best protection the SPF number is 30, and if you are outside it should be reapplied every couple of hours.

5. Using Oils for Beautiful Black Skin

When you look at oils that mother nature has provided, you are you looking at oils for massage treatment, and beautiful oils for moisturizing the skin.  We use oils to nourish and replenish our skin.  When applied topically, oils can actually help balance your skin’s natural oil production and boost hydration. Oils can even be used on acne prone skin without causing problems. 

During winter month is a great time to use beautiful oils. Oils your skin, but they prevent friction, promote smoothness, distribute heat evenly and provide luster.

Two of my favorites Almond and Coconut  I use Almond oil ($12.62 AMZ) as an emollient and it's great when you blend it with other oils. My other favorite is Coconut oil ($7.62 AMZ). I use it with an emollient, which is going to and smooths and my skin all day long.

6. Glow Baby Girl 

Take some loose (not glittery) gold, peach or bronze eye powder shadow. Mix a tiny bit in the palm of your hand with a few drops of foundation, sunscreen or moisturizer. Apply to outer cheeks and brow bone for an extra touch of luminosity.

7. Eat Healthy

Since ancient days, African women have been eating healthy diets.  In some areas, traditional East Africans consumed the milk and blood of cattle, but rarely the meat.  Elsewhere, farmers would grow a variety of grains and vegetables. Maize (corn) is the basis of the local version of West Africa's a starch dish eaten with meats or stews. It was only when she came to America she was introduced to a poor diet from the scraps of But her ingenuity showed her how to get a low-sugar, antioxidant-rich diet consisting of colorful fruits and vegetables (like the back home), legumes and lean protein weren't always available back then, but they are now. 

By eating smart today - we will ensure healthy insides as well as outsides for a natural skin glow.  And don't forget to drink plenty of water (48 oz.) 

8. Work It Out

Black girls have been getting exercise from the of Africa.  Men didn't do much - ever watch a male lion... Enough said.  Meanwhile, black women farmed, cooked, took care of children and men at the same time, very much like today.  Because we knew that physical activity keeps you healthy, young and mentally active. Moving increases the heart rate, blood circulation which stimulates rapid excretion of toxins, carcinogens and free radicals that threaten to damage the body.

9. Wash Your Face Before Bedtime

Cleanse your skin gently, especially at night, as a vital part of your bedtime routine. Unclogging pores of the day’s oil and grime is important for keeping skin clear.

10. African Black Soap

The African black soap doesn’t make the skin darker. Ironically, it makes black skin lighter, and with an even tone.  There is an abundance of antioxidants and vitamins A and E in African black soap.  It also has many skin nourishing benefits too, as it works to heal skin problems such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis, fades skin discolorations, relieves dry and irritated skin, and evens skin texture and tone

11. Don't Use Chemical Relaxers

Hair relaxers are the enemies of black hair, most contain lye, and if used incorrectly, not only will damage your hair and scalp but cause hair loss.  Hair relaxers straighten hair by penetrating the cuticle and the cortex layers of the hair shaft to loosen the natural curl pattern. This process leaves the hair weak, brittle and prone to breakage and over a period of time often result in baldness later in life.  

12. Pick the Right Makeup 

Some black women have oily skin, plus larger pores, if you fall in this category, you need to wear makeup for your skin type.  Matte finish makeups are a great choice because they soak up oil while you're wearing them. However, if you have overly dry skin, you might want to skip the matte foundations and go for the creamy type makeup or natural makeup.

Natural makeup for African American women doesn't have to look boring or plain. You can achieve a look that enhances your complexion and brings out your natural beauty instead of overwhelming makeup looks.  

Getting that beautiful natural look starts with the right foundation. I'm not talking about makeup foundation, but a foundation of good skin.  It's proven fact that women whom make good skin care their priority and make their business to maintain a clear skin complexion, will only need minimal makeup to have amazing flawless skin.


13. Wear Dark Lipstick

Black women are truly the only ethnicity that can pull off dark lipstick, so I believe that you need to own it. Sure, it takes a little confidence, but the results are amazing. Check out some of our favorite shades Berry Up, Plum, True Brown and Black Velvet and Mermaid. 

14. Vaseline Power

Vaseline (petroleum jelly) has been a staple in the black community since way back when (1920s). It was to moisturize our skin, soothe dry heels, make legs glow, get thicker lashes, heal pierce ears, hide split ends, moisturize hair and face, protect and keep nail polish lids from drying shut. 

How it works

Vaseline works by creating a sealing barrier between cells in dry or damaged locks in moisture and speeds up your skin’s natural recovery process.

Vaseline was used just before a fight, so a girl could protect her face from being scratched up. During fights hair gets pulled out, so it gets wrapped up or taken off to avoid any disadvantages. 

 15. Treat Acne quickly

Treating acne quickly may prevent the condition from spreading or  worse. It also prevents the formation of dark spots on your skin, which causes in-part a condition called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, a skin condition that occurs when the skin produces too much melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color These sun spots or age spots are not scars but this bad skin condition. Establishing a gentle daily skin care routine can help stop acne and/or other skin conditions as can using oil-free products.


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