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How to Conceal Dark Under Eye Circles

Sonia OBrien

Posted on October 12 2019

How to Conceal Dark Under Eye Circles

Whether they develop due to a night of overindulgence, allergies, or sleep deprivation, dark under-eye circles require the same correct and conceal strategy. The bottomline: When you need a quick fix these easy makeup hacks will wipe away the tired circles from underneath your eyes.   


First, wash your face with a gentle cleanser. You may also apply a lightweight under (#ad) eye cream before you apply concealer. Look for a cream that is formulated for daytime wear. Nighttime eye creams are too heavy and will not do well under your concealer. 

      • Look for an eye cream that promises to plump and strengthen the skin under your eyes.
      • Your eye cream should have ingredients like vitamins, alpha hyaluronic Acid or hydroquinone.

Tip: For a skin-quenching treat, freeze a few cucumber slices. Cut them in half, applying one half to each lower eyelid. For an even more alert look, take a quick snooze and apply a whole cucumber slice to each closed lid.


Dark circles tend to be blue or gray or deep brown or black depending on your skin color.  To conceal them you need to apply a color that’s opposite on the color wheel, which means: When choosing a concealer go for a shade that is 1-2 shades darker than your skin color. It’s really important to pick a darker shade, so it actually hides your dark circles. Apply the concealer in an upside down triangle with your ring finger, low enough under the eyes to completely cover the area. Don’t worry about your under eyes color at this point, we will blend it out in the next step.


Choose a concealer that’s the same color as your skin tone and place it on top of your chosen concealer you just applied. Blend it out and watch the color disappear. For my girls who wear foundation, dot your foundation all over your face and buff it into your skin as usual. Be gentle around your eye area so that you don’t remove all of the concealer color that’s underneath. The goal in this step is to blend the concealer and foundation into one.  

Apply powder 

Using a puff, dab a little translucent powder over the concealer to help hold the look all day, prevent shininess, and keep the concealer from slipping into wrinkles and creases.

After work, try these natural routines

1. Cucumbers

Inside cucumbers are mild astringent skin-lightening properties, that naturally heal dark under eye circles.

Try this: Twice a day, chop a fresh cucumber into thick slices and then refrigerate for 30 minutes. Then, leave the slices on your eyes for 10 minutes. Rinse your eye area with cold water after using.

2. Cucumber Cocktail  

Try this: Place slices of cumber on both eyes for 15 minutes.  If the slices don’t work, try mixing equal parts cucumber and lemon juice and then use a cotton ball to apply to the under eye circles. Warning: (Getting lemon juice in your eyes wiil hurt) Leave the solution on your skin for 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

3. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are high in lycopene (a bleaching property), a substance that’s excellent for your cardiovascular health, vision and skin. Lycopene helps create softer skin, plus decreases the appearance of dark under eye circles.

To gain the benefits of the lycopene found in tomatoes, mix equal parts tomato juice with lemon juice and then use a cotton ball or makeup remover pad to apply it to dark circles under eye area.  (Watch the lemon juice in your eyes thing, it really stings.) Leave the solution for 10 minutes and then rinse with warm water, twice daily.

4. Coconut Oil

As a powerful natural and gentle anti-inflammatory, coconut oil is an effective method for lightening dark under eye circles.

Coconut oil also moisturizes while it lightens skin to help prevent wrinkles and fine lines under the eyes. Use coconut oil like vitamin E, rub it into your under eye area, leave it on overnight and in the morning, rinse. 

5. Turmeric

Another powerful, natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory is turmeric, it minimizes dark circles under eyes.

Try this: Mix some turmeric powder with pineapple juice to create a thick paste. Apply the mixture to your under eye circles and leave for about 10 minutes before using a warm, damp cloth to gently remove the paste. Practice this beauty routine at least once a day.

6. Cold tea bags

Many teas like green tea have the added benefit of antioxidants, which have anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe strained capillaries in your under eye area.

Use tea bags like a cold compress, first, soak a tea bag in clean water and then place in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Then, place the tea bags on your eyes. Leave for 10 minutes or so twice daily before removing and rinsing the area with warm water.

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