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Hack Your Way to Fuller Eyebrows

Sonia OBrien

Posted on September 09 2019

Hack Your Way To Fuller Eyebrows - Claire Noir

The style trend right now is sporting fuller eyebrows, it not only defines your eyes but also frames the entire face.   You may currently have tiny brow, but we can help you achieve a stunning transformation to have perfectly shaped thick brows.  So, if you’re unsure about where to start or are intimidated by taking matters into your own hands, this guide is perfect for you.

1. Use a Growth Serum

If you're look for a quick boost these serums have proven to speed up hair growth and help with the thick look in about a month's time.  We like RevitaBrow Advanced Serum, $110), but you can also try: Beautibe Eyebrow Growth Serum $9.95), and Terez & Honor, Eyelash and Brow Serum, $29). For quicker results, many doctors, like NYC dermatologist Robert Anolik, M.D., have prescribed Rx eyelash-booster Latisse for “off label” use on brows (about $120).

2. Use Tint 
Eyebrow tinting, which is usually done in a salon, but can be done at home is the process of applying semi-permanent dye to enhance, shape, and define your brows.  It adds impact to your look and can last up to three to four weeks and can also cover grays. A high pigmented brow gel can also help camouflage them as well.

3. Add Extensions
If you have very thin brows, you can also, well, buy new ones.  DIY eyebrow extension videos are available on Youtube, but you might want to hit up a professional on this one.  The treatment can lasts up to two to three weeks and costs around $60. 

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