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Keke Palmer Officially Reps Olay Body Skincare

Sonia OBrien

Posted on February 03 2020

Keke Palmer Reps Olay Body Collection

If it seemed like Keke Palmer was having a great 2019, she’s out to top herself at the start of this new decade. This week, the co-host of GMA3: Strahan, Sara and Keke has been officially named a 2020 spokesperson for Olay Body Labs, representing their newest collection.

The Skincare Company and Ms. Palmer partnership got into full swing as the products hit nationwide retailers with items costing less than $10 each. The actress, singer, dancer and television personality who is most well known for her roles in “True Jackson VP,” “Hustlers” and co-hosting the GMA3 daytime talk show “Strahan, Sara and Keke" can't be more excited.  

Infused with ingredients like vitamin C, collagen and hyaluronic acid, the new line of body care products will deeply nourish skin while making it healthier and stronger with every single use. The collection other high quality ingredients will multitask and work overtime on your skin. 

Olay has taken into account trends within the beauty spere as well as consumer survey results, which has lead the team to dispell myths about body care including that using bar soap can strip your skin of moisture, the human body cannot make its own vitamin C and B3 has proven skin benefits. 

“I think that beauty can be polarizing at times and with this new line, Olay Body has created something that’s inclusive and accessible, but also formulated with luxe ingredients that are often at higher price points,” Palmer recently said.

This is Palmer's second partnership with the brand. In fall of 2019 she partnered with Olay Body for New York Fashion Week, during that campaign she walked in her first runway show.  The upcoming, year-long partnership is just another step in Keke world domination and we're rooting for her.  


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