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Lip Liner Is Back And Bold As Ever

Sonia OBrien

Posted on January 10 2020

Lip Liner Is Back And Bold As Ever



We have been conditioned to use lipstick, lip strobes and every other lip product on earth, except the lip liner.  For the longest time, liners have been given a bad rep by makeup artist and cosmetic gurus.  They never really appreciated them for what they are - lip magic.  We were influenced by these so-called experts, and thus, regulated our lip liners to the corner of the makeup draw, where lied dormant in cosmetic pergatory. We can trace this back to the 1980s when society took an enormous disliking to the product, however as of late, the liners seem to be making a come back, and as people are becoming better at using them, the more acceptance they are gaining. Yes, sister girl, lip liners are making their way back to the top of must haves in the makeup world. It's a miracle, and you better not miss out.     

What is Lip Liner?

Lip liner is a cosmetic product developed to fill in uneven areas on the outer edges of the lips before applying lipstick to give a smoother shape.

But there's one thing we have to admit about lip liners, is the way people feel about the product.  Most people have one of those love hate relationships with their liners, unlike with lipstick, which has almost universal appeal, your lip liner has as many critics as it has fans. Yet, when applied right many users say it increases the wear of lipstick, prevents color feathering, and color bleeding, while providing more definition to the lips, plus it enhances or hide lip features.  

In the know (big secret) makeup artist and users agree - they wear lip liner as a stand alone product (without lipstick or lip gloss). They say, wearing matte or creamy lip liner makes their lips stand out and look just as noticeable as if they were wearing lipstick. Let's look at when did all the fuss about lip liners began.  

Berry Creamy Matte Lip Liner 

History of the lip liner

It seems being a big deal isn't new to the lip liner,  movie stars have been using the drawn lip technique since the beginning of Hollywood time.  Clara Bow was the golden girl of the 1920s, and her early use of lipliner launched the product's rise to fame.  During the 1930s, it was said, Marlene Dietrich would go so far as to use surgical tape to give her a temporary face lift, it should come as know surprise that she liked to amp up her lips with liner.  Marilyn Monroe, in the 40s was practically the queen of lip liner overdrawing.  Her lip contouring secret of applying darker reds on the outer corners and lighter hues brushed on the middle of the lips are still being copied by great makeup artist today.

The 50s showed Audrey Hepburn enhancing her pout by overdrawing her top lip so that it exceeded the bottom. Campbell has naturally full lips, this is for certain. But in the '90s, she liked to emphasize them even more with a dark brown lip color applied beyond the natural borders of her lips. The rest of her kisser? All natural. Like her fellow Spice Girl, and practically every woman in the '90s, Victoria Beckham would opt for a creamy, raise-hued lip, using liner a few shades darker to exaggerate the size and shape of her lips.

These days, Kylie Jenner mimics her pushy pout with a '90s trend. But instead of a noticable lip line, she overdraws her lips (particularly her top lip), then goes full-on matte with a dark brown or brick red lipstick.

Today's Lip Liners 

This versatile cosmetic tool has always been in use, even during those years when it seems to be mostly ignored.  We fill in our lips with lip liner before applying lipstick to make stick last longer.  It's sold as a simple pencil that can be sharpened to your specifics, or it can be purchased is a retractable tube similar to that of a lip stick.  These days lip liners are also being sold in as wide a variety of colors as lip sticks.  The physical composition of lip liners is similar to that of lip stick in that waxes and oils and pigments are used, however the liner usually is more firm, so as to give the user greater control for drawing color onto the lips. This product offers greater precision for lip design than lipstick ever could. Whether you hate lip liner or love it, it is very much here to stay.  Using it might save you a buck or two.  

How to apply lip liner


Always prep your lips beforehand with balm so they are hydrated. Blot with a tissue, and then begin.


Start from the Cupid’s bow (top center of lips) and draw a shape that pleases you. You can exaggerate the lips or go for a natural shape.


Use the tip pointing up, and push the side of the pencil down on the lip at the same time. That way you can draw the outline and fill in all at once.

Don’t press too hard or draw a hard line. All makeup applied to your face should be done softly and with care, especially with retractable creamy lip liners.


Apply lipstick (or not). 


Clean up the edges. 

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