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Matte Lipstick vs. Lip Strobes: Which Way To Go

Sonia OBrien

Posted on June 21 2019

Matte Lipstick vs. Lip Strobes: Which Way To Go

If you’re a true #lipsticklover,  the lips are one of our favorite parts of the body. And there's good reason for this!  We communicate with them, kiss with them and most importantly, eat food with them.  It's no wonder we love to apply color to our lips, so that they look their absolute best at all times.  However, choosing the perfect color lip shade is a job in and of itself, narrowing down the exact finish you should wear is a whole other process.

With matte hot fire reds to metallic gold, how’s a girl to choose right? To help you pick the right lipstick finish for your style, below we lay out a roadmap for two of our favorite lipstick finishes—metallic strobes and matte liquid lipstick—as well as how to apply them. Get Ready for a lip transformation? Keep reading, Claire Noir Beauty Roomies!


Matte Liquid Lipstick dries to a smudge-proof, matte finish,  they're designed to  warm up your complexion and glow on every skin tone. You won’t see any reflection or shine on your lips, so ultra-matte liquid lipsticks are perfect for daytime wear. 

Matte Lipsticks are also known for their incredible long-lasting capabilities (like 24-hours of nonstop color). Matte lipsticks work like a stain, but with more opaque coverage and color.  Our most popular flavors are Berry Me, Hot Fire, Crimson Red, True Brown, and Candy.  

Whether you're a woman of power or a girl on the rise, a matte lipstick is the perfect pick for your daytime experiences. One swipe serves up lightweight, highly-pigmented color that holds up through sweet kisses, long sips, and accidental swipes! Just remember, you’ll need a Lipstick Remover to take off the waterproof, smudge-proof recipe and stay away from greasy foods.  


Metallic lip strobes are for those nights I'm looking for that ultimate pop.  They're totally original, and with surprising pops of color. Metallic strobes add an unexpected twist of glittery and shine to the bland makeup look. Lip Strobes  apply like their matte cousins, serving up shimmery, long-lasting coverage with one swipe. Strobes are the ultimate lip pick for women who like to make a statement with their look. Whether you choose bold red or gold or purple hues for the holiday season or stick to a popsicle pink shade, lip strobes will brighten up a your look with subtle shimmer and glitter with all-night staying power. 


Whichever lip finish you choose, the application process will be the same. Since both of these finishes offer major color payoff, it’s a cool idea to make sure that your lips are primed and prepped to perfection before you reach for a stick. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be in a position of power day or night.


Since matte lip sticks are very bold, they can sometimes draw attention to dryness and flakes. So, first pick up a lip scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells from the surface of your lips and help create a smooth base for your lipstick. We love our strawberry lip scrub (we're out), which doubles as both a face and lip scrub, but one other we adore is Sugar Lip Scrub by Hanalel


The next step is to ensure that your lips are moist by using a moisturizing lip product.  Get rid of flaky skin and using other techniques to combat dryness is a must for the prep process. Reach for a hydrating lip conditioner or lip balm and apply it to your lips before moving on to the next step.


A professional lip look is all about having crisp lines—and that means it’s time to break out the lip liner.  If you’re going to be using a matte lipstick, then pick a matte lip liner, like the Le Creme Lip Liner by Claire Noir, in a similar shade. To pair metallic lip strobe with lip liner, choose a neutral shade that’s close to your natural lip color.  Line your lips, then fill them in.  Lip liner is used to define the shape of your lips. Start at the center of your top lip, called the Cupid’s bow, and outline each side. Then, outline your bottom lip and use the liner to completely fill in your lips


Use short strokes to apply 1 coat of liquid lipstick. Wipe excess lipstick off the applicator on the side of the tube opening or on a paper towel. Begin applying the lipstick at your Cupid’s bow and work your way out toward the edges of your top lip. Then, move to your bottom lip and, again, work from the center out. Short strokes will help you achieve a more even color


To really make your matte or metallic pout stand out, line the edges of your lips with a matte concealer . This will also help conceal any imperfections if you didn’t manage to apply your lipstick perfectly, just make sure to blend out for a seamless finish!

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