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No More Dry Lips

Donald Briscoe

Posted on July 25 2019

No More Dry Lips

Getting dry lips in the winter is common, but it isn't at all unusual to have a dry lips during summer months as well.  In-fact, dry lips really do not discriminate against the seasons.  They tend to visit you anywhere, anytime, during any season. Yet, the thing to remember is remedies for chapped lips in summer are different from those that work during the winter. Although hydrating with H2O remains one of your best defenses against dry lips during hot weather months there are other remedies.  Read on.  

But Why?

Part of your lips function is to help regulate body temperature by allowing heat to escape through the permeable muscosal layers.  There are no oil glands within the lips, which help them lose both heat and moisture, and this can leave them susceptible to becoming dry and cracked if we don’t keep them hydrated. Also, hot weather and licking your lips too much can exacerbate the condition of dry lips. 

Dry & Cracked Lip Remedies

Ingredients that can help heal chapped lips: While some ingredients can irritate dry, cracked lips, others help them heal. When looking for products to use on your chapped or dry lips, use ones that contain one or more of the following:

  • Almond oil 
  • Beeswax
  • Castor seed oil
  • Ceramides
  • Coconut oil
  • Dimethicone
  • Hemp seed oil
  • Mineral oil
  • Petrolatum
  • Shea butter
  • Squalene
  • Sun-protective ingredients, such as titanium oxide or zinc oxide
  • Vitamin E (open a tablet)
  • White petroleum jelly

Always wear SPF on your lips. Your lips are more susceptible to sun or cold burns than your skin due to the lack of melanin. Lip cancers are common, so don’t treat your lips as an after thought. 

Avoid these ingredients while your lips are chapped: To help chapped lips heal, stop applying lip products that contain any of the following:

  • Camphor
  • Eucalyptus
  • Flavoring: Cinnamon, citrus, mint, and peppermint flavors can be especially irritating to dry, chapped lips
  • Fragrance
  • Lanolin
  • Menthol
  • Octinoxate or oxybenzone
  • Phenol (or phenyl)
  • Propyl gallate
  • Salicylic acid

Other Do's and Don't's 

Don't lick, bite or pick lips. When lips feel dry, it may feel natural to wet them by licking them, but this can worsen the problem. As saliva evaporates, your lips become drier

Do apply a non-irritating lip balm (or lip moisturizer) several times a day and before bed. If your lips are very dry and cracked, try a thick ointment, such as white petroleum jelly. Ointment seals in water longer than waxes or oils.

Do slather on a non-irritating lip balm with SPF 30 or higher before going outdoors. Even in the winter, it’s important to protect your lips from the sun. The sun can burn dry, chapped lips more easily, which could trigger cold sores.

Do protect dry, chapped lips from the sun, use lip balm that offer SPF 30 or higher and one (or both) of these sun-protective ingredients:

  • Titanium oxide
  • Zinc oxide

Do drink plenty of water. Chapped lips are dry lips, so you want to stay hydrated.

Don't hold items made of metal with your lips. Paperclips, jewelry, and other everyday products made of metal can irritate your already sensitive lips

Don't use matte lipsticks. While we love the way matte lipstick looks, it can often exacerbate the look of dryness since the finish is flat. 

Do nourish your lips overnight. While it’s great to smooth on a lip balm during the day, don’t forget to do so before you hit the sheets, too, to help hydrate your lips while you snooze.  

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