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Shimmery Makeup Makes A Comeback In 2020

Donald Briscoe

Posted on December 05 2019

Shimmery Makeup Makes A Comeback


Wearing shimmery makeup can give your skin the glow of angels and brightness of stars. Sparkling makeup has been known to brighten eyes by distracting from imperfections like dark circles. And the shimmering particles break up light, creating their own unique texture that hides roughness and wrinkles on lids. But you have to apply it properly, to give your skin a subtle glow. But there is a fine line between highlighting your features and looking like a cartoon princess, so to learn exactly how to wear shimmery makeup in 2020 —we've prepared the new rules.

1. When to glitter. 

Glitter is festive and therefore denotes that Christmas, New Year's and other special holidays make the most sense to really pack on the glitter, but how about special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays? In 2020, depending on how glittery of a look you're going for, you can wear shimmer makeup on just about any day, i.e., at work - keep it light, afterwork - medium, weekend party - go all out.    

2. Keep things balanced. 

If you're wearing glitter on different areas of your face, just keep things balanced.  A bit on the cheeks and a dab on the eyes is all you need to open up and brighten your entire face. Shimmer looks cray-cray when it's worn on the cheeks, eyes, and nails all at once.  But it  looks beautiful in the evening or candlelight. Keep it young by wearing it light and it's far more effective when paired with a simple outfit. 

3.  Match shadow and lipstick

Depending on your outfit wearing a different color shimmery eyeshadow and lipstick can look clownish.  Try to coordinate your look by pairing shimmer eyeshadow with a lipstick shade in the same color family, such as berry toned eyeshadow with a berry matte lipstick to match.

4.  Match your skin tone.

To give your face a hint of star power,  apply a finely spread of shimmer in a shade close to your skin tone on your cheeks and cheekbones.  Take a small fan brush and dip into shimmer, tap of excess, then dust over cheeks and cheek bones.  Use a soft touch and don’t overdo it.

5.  Eye sparkle.

Apply sparkly eye makeup first, and remember shimmer can either make your eyes  look young or old. To avoid the latter, all you need to do is lightly pat your favorite shimmer eyeshadow directly onto your lids with your fingertip or a makeup brush. Never overdo unless a holiday event is at hand.

6. Black eyeliner and glitter is in. 

For the dramatic eye look In 2020, you can't go wrong with a black gel eyeliner topped with glitter, or a splash of glitter at the inner tear duct.  So you know, big events like bachelorette parties, New Year’s Eve, and Halloween costumes, call for glitter eyeliner looks.  

7. Age doesn’t matter.

Shimmer is not just for teens and young women.  Women of any age can wear it sparingly. If you have fine lines, use it anywhere with few wrinkles, like the apples of the cheeks and the lower lids.

8.  Shimmery face 

Use a fluffy makeup brush, and dab into the shimmer powder, tap the excess powder and gently sweep the brush. Apply a gentle swipe over your cheeks and there you have it.

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